Make sure your dog has a regular or standard back-up collar on before putting on the SafeCalm Collar. The dog's regular collar will act as a safety back-up. Your dog's back-up collar should be snug; make sure you can only get a pinky-finger in between the back-up collar and the dog's skin. This will insure a good fit, and prevents the back-up collar from sliding left/right. Use the SafeCalm Collar for training and walking; do not leave it on your dog unsupervised. Here is a video for using the SafeCalm Collar for the first time. Introducing your dog to the SafeCalm Collar should be done at one introduction period, not a number of days or walks. You must continue the walk until your dog walks perfect. Initially attach the leash to your dog's regular collar and do not attach it to the SafeCalm collar. Why? It's so your dog gets use to the SafeCalm Collar without any correction. After the dogs is walking, without any attempts to get the collar off, then attach your leash to the SafeCalm Collar and give gentle correction if he/she moves in front of you or any other direction other than forward. Remember, after your dog gets use to the SafeCalm Collar, the more gentle you correct. 

Putting-on the Collar (CENTER-MOUNT METHOD)

Re-tracking the Perfect Dog Walk Collar