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Use the right and left arrows below to scroll between MED and XXl collars.


For most dogs the Perfect Dog Walk Collar fits any dog's weight.


Picking the Correct Collar Size: 


M (Dogs 16 - 30 LBS) 

 L (Dogs 31 - 55 Lbs)  

XL (Dogs 56 + Lbs)   

XXL MOD (35 Lbs + For Big Snout and Neck Dogs) 

XXL (35 Lbs + For Huge Snout and Neck Dogs). 


If you can't choose a size because the dogs weight is in-between-sizes, always choose the next larger size.


The XXL MOD (35 Lbs + For Big Snout and Neck Dogs) is for dogs in-between XL and XXL.


The XXL collar fits huge dogs: St. Bernards, Danes, or any dog over 35 Lbs with an obvious huge neck, snout or both.


Need help choosing a size? 


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