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LG Dogs 31 to 50 lbs


The SafeCalm Dog Training Collar works; it’s safe; it's comfortable, and doesn’t restrict a dog's vision or touch a dog's throat. It provides a safe, quick, and humane way to create instant calm and obedience.  The SafeCalm Dog Training Collar works better than the Martingale, Halti, Gentle Leader, E-collar, Remote Collar, Shock Collar.  The SafeCalm dog Training Collar helps or fixes all behavior issues. The SafeCalm Collar simulates a mother dog calming her puppy by nudging its snout with her mouth, the first calming sensation a dog experiences; it means "You're safe, be calm".

Chafing on the Snout
With all bridle design type collars dogs with very short fur can develop chafing on the snout due to rubbing of the nose-piece. SafeCalm has put together a few helpful hints to prevent chafing below:
1.Make sure the SafeCalm collar is correctly fitted. loosen the rubber slide so the nose- piece is not tight around the snout.
2.When correcting your dog using leash-snap corrections, don't yank or forcefully pull back, use gently light corrections. The more gentle the correction the better the result. 
3.If chaffing occurs it's important to wait until the chafing clears-up before using the SafeCalm collar again, and you should always consult with your veterinarian to make sure your dog does not have a skin condition. 
4.Add or improvise some padding. Pad the nose-piece with fleece or a fleece Strap Wrap: 
5.Don't forget training! Working with your dog to reduce the amount of pulling. Read SafeCalm training tips for walking your dog: video